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The People Of Earth Apologize

A message in an Internet bottle
tossed onto a sea of stars...

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". . . Show us what each one of us can do to set forward
the coming of the day of Universal Peace. Amen. "

Frank Borman, Christmas Eve, 1968
on Lunar orbit aboard Apollo 8.

"Primarially this website assumes that peaceful, enlightened ET beings are here downloading and "grokking" the planet's entire Internet."

If that's possible, no matter how unlikely, what would YOU have to say to them . . . ?

and is there any evidence they are listening?

Most recent apology:

19 November -- Hello is anyone out there?

As our new president said … I thought he was talking to you, people out of this world . . .

We the colored human apologize for not holding on to the knowledge that was left by you . . . people out of this world.

You left us everything we needed to communicate, build and travel . . . to your world.

How we got off track I don’t know . . . how we don’t love each other as much I don’t know . . .

The current powers that be . . . are afraid to show us the light . . . maybe its for their own personal gain . . . I don’t know.

What I do know and believe is that you are real. There’s just too much technology as we call it, being issued out piece by piece.

I think we can handle it, if we new the source . . .

Show the world that great things can be accomplished by love and peace in the universe and in unknown worlds.

We need help . . .

Therefore, we the people of earth apologize for destroying your water planet . . .

Thanks and drive safe . . .


For more apologies, click on the Apologies link, or click here.

7 November 2008: Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Dr. Joseph Buchman, who completed his campaign for the United States Congress in Utah's First District on Tuesday (with 2.2 percent of the vote), will be a guest in the first hour of nationally broadcast Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. (1:05 am to 2 am Eastern, 10:05pm to 11 pm Pacific) tonight November 6/7 2008.  

He will discuss his campaign, including his call on the US Congress to pass legislation protecting whistle blowers, and removing any secrecy oaths that prohibit disclosure of government waste, fraud or criminal activity within black budget programs, as well as issues involving any evidence of extraterrestrial contact with the earth.

Dr. Buchman will share his experience of being ridiculed around this issue, especially in light of President Elect Obama's recent selection of John Podesta, former Clinton Chief of Staff and UFO disclosure advocate, as the head of his transition team 




He will also be promoting the Million Fax on Washington over the remaining 74 days of the Bush administration transfer of power to President Elect Obama's team.


As well as the possible establishment of an exploratory committee to consider a 2010 run for the United States Senate.

For more information see:



www.ThePeopleOfEarthApologize.com (Dr. Buchman's "grassroots exopolitics initiative")

Dr. Buchman will also be appearing in-person on a panel fllowing the "It's a new world if you can take it" presentation at the Sedona Arizona based Creative Life Center on Wednesday November 12th, 2008.


"One of the keys, in my experience, to becoming a peaceful human being, which, I believe is a pre-requsite contact with similar peaceful beings, is the resolution of past guilt, grief and unresolved anger. You'll find more information to some of the best experiential training programs for dealing with these issues on The People Of Earth Apologize links page.

20 October 2008:Find out from their official files, recently released, how the British Government reacted to close encounters over Gatwick Airport, alien abductions, stray satellites - read more . . .

24 July 2008: "There's life throughout the Universe. We are not alone in the Universe. I know for sure; we are not alone in the Universe. . . I happen to be privledged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet . . . although it has been covered up by our governments." Dr. Edgar Mitclell, PhD (MIT), Apollo 14 astronaut, 6th man to walk on the moon. Hear the entire interview.

19 May 2008: Dateline NBC "10 close encounters caught on tape" website.

13 May 2008: The extraterrestrial is my brother. The Vatican's chief astronomer says, "Just as we consider earthly creatures as a brother, and sister, why should we not talk about our 'extraterrestrial brothers'?"

22 April 2008: The Salt Lake Tribune, UFO enthusiast chases truth, seat in Congress, WASHINGTON - A typical campaign kickoff doesn't resemble an X-Files convention. Nor is there usually discussion of UFOs crisscrossing the night sky or of government programs to conceal extraterrestrial technology.  And most politicians yearning for office avoid banners proclaiming, "It's not about the lights in the sky, but about the lies on the ground."   Joseph Buchman, however, announced his candidacy for the 1st Congressional District of Utah under that banner, read more . . .

21 April 2008: Back on the air with Rollye James. Check out her website, look for the April 21st entry and you can find a link to the two-hour long interview. "MONDAY APRIL 21, 2008 2:00 AM While I was watching snow this weekend, my buddy Dr. Joe Buchman was checking out a UFO convention. He'll join me tonight to tell you about it. According to Joe, it's not whether aliens are here but how many different types. He's got a website apologizing to them all, read more . . .

26 March 2008: The Park Record (Park City Utah): Front page story on this website and my campaign for the US Congress. See also: www.BuchmanForCongress.com

Comment on the story, "Immigration, Taxes and Little Green Men."


There are an 200 galaxies, each with about 300 billion stars
. . . for every person on the Planet Earth.

And that's only the part of the Universe/Multiverse
that we can see . . .


On behalf of the people of Earth

we apologize

For our arrogance. For the hostility we have shown to all peace-loving beings; visitors to our planet, observers of our planet, our ancestors and to all our generations to come.

We acknowledge our short-sighted behavior, our past and current nearly unbridled violence, our consumption and destruction of the nonrenewable resources of the Planet Earth. Our fear, hate, hypocrisy and greed.

We apologize for our lack of generosity, hospitality and loving-kindness toward others, especially those who have visited us from afar. We apologize for reacting out of fear, greed and a lust for (the illusion of) power over others. We regret our past unenlightened behavior and commit to being peaceful, gentle and teachable.

We invite the all who are wiser, kinder and more enlightened, our common family from across the Cosmos, to assist us in creating the Earth as a planet that is known as a true Garden of Eden throughout the Universe.

Please help EDIT this apology by sending your suggestions to:


or write your own apology and send it to us. Yours will be posted here until a newer one comes in, and will be archived in the apologies link above permanently.

This website makes the following intentionally challenging, perhaps outrageous (and hopefully thought-provoking) assumptions which drive the apology above:

1. The Universe is teaming with intelligent life.

2. Some of that life, most likely from planets near stars that have a several million year head start on our Sun, has visited the Earth.

3. At least some of those who have visited the Earth are far wiser, fully peaceful and more enlightened beings than those of us who have lived only on the Earth.

4. Those Earthlings who first met these beings did not interact with them in the best possible way. Some of our interactions were motivated by fear, greed and short-sighted selfishness.

5. It would serve all of us for at least some of us to apologize for that, and to declare a commitment to be better than we have been.

6. Any life that can visit here has the ability to instantly translate, read and understand everything posted on our Internet. It is interested in us enough (out of curiosity, a desire to monitor developing civilizations, or for other unfathomable reasons) to do so.

7. It does no harm, and can do tremendous good to apologize, even when we do not see ourselves as directly accountable for what happened. It would serve each of us in extremely positive ways to see ourselves as not only members of one race (humanity) traveling together on one planet - "Spaceship Earth" - but also to see ourselves as citizens of the Universe ready to join with, learn from, and give our unique contribution to the full diversity of intelligent, peace loving beings.


Send your apology anonymously

The People of Earth Apologize
175 Paradise Road
Park City, Utah 84098

or via email to:

"Aided by those to whom your most secret thoughts are an open page . . . "
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